It has been years since virtual engineering was first introduced and the practice started to get adopted by engineers in a wide range of industries. Nowadays, various tools, methodologies and approaches, which belong to this practice, have been subsumed under standard engineering.

Notwithstanding the hyped use of “digital” and “virtual”…

VIASAT telematics’ vehicle data are offered as a Data Product in the Mobito Data Marketplace

The two companies are collaborating to increase the accessibility and ease of use of anonymized driving behavior and road conditions data. …

Mobito facilitates the exchange of data between companies through an advanced data platform that allows companies to streamline their interaction with third party data and monetize their own data. A key industry we are focused on is the insurance market where incumbents and challengers are increasingly relying on external data…


Mobito is a tech company. We help businesses unlock the value of data by exchanging data in a scalable & controlled way and monetizing it in our Marketplace.

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